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Hi I am Janique Amber Oliver,

A digital storyteller,
ideator and a change catalyst .

A creative  with a heart for community.

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This is me

A curious girl who loves creating, traveling and making a difference.​

I have had to rediscover more than I thought I would in this chapter, it has certainly been a whirlwind of change, decisions and growth. Though, I am ever so grateful for it all. I hope that the person I am growing into will find the courage to tell intentional stories, and leave 'somewhere' better than she found it to be. 

I will be embracing slow, and I am still learning to have grace with myself through the chaos and the quiet. ​I find myself on a journey of attempts and as long as time is a currency I have freely, I will spend it attempting. Attempting to change the narrative – to inspire, encourage, empower and to prompt. ​

Digital Communications  Copywriting 
Project Management 
 Ideating   Creative Directing 

Creative Initiatives   Workshops & Training  

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I direct companies
and NGOs in their creative approach 

When we represent ourselves as individuals, brands, communities or ecosystems we want to 'say' the right thing. With a dash of strategic input and creative direction I can help you find the 'write' words, striking visual content, and appropriate media channels to tell your story. 

Making a difference does not begin and end at the idea, it requires a team of dedicated individuals to breath life into the soul of that idea. And a Creative plays quite a crucial role. We help you dream, develop, strategise, implement and celebrate.

It is no new thing that we have much still to do. To offer of ourselves to projects and initiatives of meaning and purpose. I am passionate about helping our local communities, standing in the gap as a Creative, facilitator and volunteer. 

I would love to join you in your mission to change the world.

Clients &


Below are a few of my clients and collaborating partners. Click on the logo to learn more.

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